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Grateful Grant - 2018

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Silky Touch Silicon Jacket


The ray-out Silky Touch Silicon Jacket for the HTC Desire HD / SoftBank 001HT fits the Desire HD well. It's safe and it feels more secure on the device than the Rubber Coating Shell Jacket reviewed earlier (also from ray-out).

When lying on its back it is flat and stable enough for one handed operation, although again, the camera lens surround on the actual phone does protrude further than the jacket, meaning the phone itself (at least on my sample) does touch the desk in that one camera lens area.

The jacket wraps securely around the edges of the phone providing quite a bit of protection. I still don't fancy dropping the Desire HD to test it, but this Silky Touch Silicon Jacket is definitely a defensive step-up from the Rubber Coating Shell Jacket.

Things I don't like about this jacket:

This isn't so drastic, but in Landscape mode your fingers easily strike the rubber surrounding the top and bottom of the screen when you are pinching out to zoom-in.

Again, considering the nature of the item this isn't so serious, but the top power button and volume rocker buttons are a little bit hit and miss to activate easily.

As mentioned earlier, the jacket doesn't stop the camera lens surround on the phone from touching the desk when it's lying on its back.

Overall, this nicely-fitting rubber jacket does a good job of covering up the Desire HD and providing protection, especially compared to the Rubber Coating Shell Jacket. At the same time though, it clearly covers up and hides the original sophisticated looks of the device.

The price was ¥ 1280. ($15. / £10. / € 11.4)

View of 3 different cases in their packaging

Rear view of product packaging

Front view of product packaging

Looking into the empty case where the cutout is for the camera and speaker

Phone lying on its back in the palm of the hand

Phone in hand as seen from the top looking along to the bottom of the screen

Close-up of casing around camera lens, flash and speaker

Bottom of phone showing micro-USB and 3.5mm headphone socket

Close=up shot of wrist strap holes

Perspective view of rear of phone. Camera flash used.

Plain back view of case on phone

Angled perspective view of screen and quite high but protective walling.

Close-up angle of Volume rocker